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Get insider tips for finding, planning and hosting the perfect event. You’ll find everything from how to read the room at your event to what to wear to best practices for hosting a killer event that your guests won’t forget. We’ve gathered the best event-planning tips in one convenient spot.

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Event Tips

Host your Office Holiday Party at Dave & Buster’s

After a successful office Halloween party, you’re looking ahead to the next big thing: the office holiday party. Coordinating a holiday party can be a logistical nightmare for even the most stalwart veteran of corporate events. What’s the right venue? Should you have it before or after the traditional holiday season? Are any venues still…

Event Tips

Host a Blowout Event with Kapow Platinum

Kapow is dedicated to being the single provider for all your event needs; and we’re continually expanding our offering to ensure those needs are met. So we are very excited to introduce Kapow Platinum—our offering for fully customizable, large-scale events. Kapow Platinum experiences are built to meet your exact needs. You and your Kapow rep will…

Event Tips

How Team Building Leads to a Better Culture

Team building gets a bad rep. It calls to mind images of forced social interaction, overzealous bosses and “mandatory fun.” With such negative associations, it’s little wonder that most individuals would rather just get the day off. However, this is largely unearned and not necessarily the fault of team-building events themselves, but rather their implementation.…

Event Tips

The Scary Good Halloween Office Party Playlist

Hosting an in-office Halloween party? Nothing sets the mood for a spooky shindig like a good playlist. But that can be a time-consuming task and we know you’re focused on perfecting your costume. So we took the liberty of creating a playlist that will keep your colleagues spellbound. Now put on your costume, grab some…

Event Tips

Haunted Events to Book this Halloween

The leaves have begun to turn, the days are getting shorter and pumpkins are appearing in supermarket parking lots across the country. In short, it’s Halloween time. If you’re looking to celebrate, you could book a normal cocktail event or group activity for your company, but you’ve got all year to do that. If you’re…

Event Tips

2017 Event Trend: Movie Pre-Screenings

In 2015 Kapow began national partnerships with major movie chains including (but not limited to) AMC Theatres, Regal Cinemas and Studio Movie Grill. In less than two years we have seen a major spike in demand—a 5x increase in private movie screening requests. And we’re anticipating that number to grow by leaps and bounds in…


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Event Tips

Ideas for National Boss’s Day

Boss’s Day is this coming Monday, October 16th. Chances are you’ve forgotten this holiday exists, and are probably scrambling to find a way to celebrate or (if you’re a boss yourself) trying to find a way to avoid celebrating it. Fortunately for you in either case, we’re here to help. Obviously everyone wants to feel…

Event Tips

How far in advance should you book your event?

Kapow makes booking an event quick and easy. You can go online, browse through hundreds of events, and once you choose one, book it in minutes. But the speedy process doesn’t mean you should wait until the last minute to book your event. While our online corporate events marketplace makes it easy for busy professionals…

Event Tips

Office Tailgate Party Ideas

Football season is in full swing, and that means the place to be is the parking lot! If you’re planning a corporate event this fall, consider hosting a tailgate. A lively pre-game party is a great way to entertain clients in a fun environment. Now I know what you’re thinking… How is a cooler of beer and some burgers going to turn into a successful corporate event? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

Event Tips

Tools That Boost Productivity

Here at Kapow, we focus on making the process of planning a corporate event easy. We built the Kapow platform with salespeople from many different fields—technology, advertising, consulting, law, finance and accounting—in mind. Our goal is to provide a suite of tools that gives all professionals assistance in executing the perfect event and getting that…

Event Tips

A Little Friendly Competition Never Hurt Anyone

A little friendly competition never hurt anyone. I’m sure you’ve heard this before and taken it to heart at many points in your life. Whether you’re competing to make the honor roll, sell the most Girl Scout cookies, become the top scorer on the soccer field or have the highest GPA, competition can be a…

Event Tips

Our 6 Favorite High-End Dinners

Entry level or C-suite, 20-something or 40-something, every hard-working adult enjoys an upscale dinner where they can explore new flavors or enjoy a coveted classic. Hosting an upscale meal allows guests to try something they might not experience otherwise and leaves a lasting impression. To help you close deals and nurture valuable relationships, Kapow has…