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Get insider tips for finding, planning and hosting the perfect event. You’ll find everything from how to read the room at your event to what to wear to best practices for hosting a killer event that your guests won’t forget. We’ve gathered the best event-planning tips in one convenient spot.

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Event Tips

Movies You Won’t Want To Miss This Season

As February winds down, there’s good news and bad news. The bad news is that, much like every other year, March and April aren’t going to be nearly as nice as you’ve fantasized about them being all winter. The good news is Hollywood is officially charting a course out of the dump months and straight into…

Event Tips

How To Crush Your Next Conference

When done right, conference marketing can be one of the best ways to build your brand, but if you fail to take advantage of the valuable face time conferences give you they can just be a drain on your budget. By even conservative estimates, space at a conference will run you around $10,000 at minimum,…

Event Tips

Top Food Trends For Corporate Events in 2018

If getting on top of the year’s greatest food trends isn’t on your to-do list for 2018, it really should be. It’s an easy way to be more confident about your menu picks and venue choices. Fortunately for you, if you’re looking to get a leg up on competitors when it comes to wowing potential…

Event Tips

Why You Should Book An Incentive Trip

Between the hazy afterglow of holiday travel to visit friends and family and the somewhat ridiculously named “Bomb Cyclone” that just left the East Coast, you might think you’re all traveled out, at least for a little while. Even with all that said, there’s still a reason to consider booking an incentive trip as we look…

Event Tips

Help Clients Gear Up for Winter with a Retail Event

It’s official: winter is upon us! The winter solstice 2017 in the Northern Hemisphere begins today at 11:28 AM EST. Weather-wise, winter 2017-18, will feature a “nationwide split between colder and wetter-than-average conditions in parts of the northern states, while the southern tier sees warmer and drier-than-average conditions overall,” according to The Weather Channel. Kapow is…

Event Tips

How to Plan a Staycation for Your Team or Clients

With coin purse strings clutched a little tighter since 2008, expensive vacations have given way to more affordable, close-to-home excursions that became nicknamed “staycations.” It’s a one-night stay in the city where you already live, hence “stay” and the “-cation” aspect comes from the ability to combine the stay with other conventional vacation activities like…


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Event Tips

Best Events for Guests with Food Allergies and Dietary Restrictions

Not all of us have adventurous appetites. Sometimes it’s by choice, and sometimes it’s due to a food allergy or other dietary restriction. In the latter case, careful planning is a necessity to make sure everyone feels accommodated and welcomed at your event. In either case, there are tons of options for event planners or…

Event Tips

Add a Pop-Up Shop to Your Event

You’ve been working hard to plan the perfect event at a hot spot downtown, but you can’t help feeling like something is missing. You want your guests to walk away with more than just a memory of the night. With one easy move, Kapow can help you increase attendance and give guests a one-of-a-kind, trendy…

Event Tips

Tips and Suggestions for C-Suite Entertainment

Entertaining for C-Suite executives can be an arduous but rewarding task if you get it right. If you’re new to event planning or just want some refresher tips on how to provide the very best for the upper echelons of your clients’ or partners’ business, read on. Tips for entertaining C-Suite clients Know your exec:…

Event Tips

The Best Venues For Your NFL Watch Party

Football season is upon us, and for the canny events organizer, a Sunday afternoon or Monday night football game can be a great way to tap into your colleagues’ interests and build some team camaraderie. If tailgating’s not your thing—or you happen to inhabit a part of the country that doesn’t get nice weather year…

Event Tips

Tips for 2018 Yearly Planning

The holidays are approaching and the last events of the year are wrapping up. Although some are looking ahead to their time off, you’ve just been handed your 2018 budget and are knee-deep in 2018 planning. While a new budget provides a number of opportunities for face time with clients and prospects, it can also…

Event Tips

Finish Out 2017 Strong With a Client Event

With Thanksgiving fast approaching and the end-of-year holidays occurring not long after that, the struggle to maintain your momentum through 2017 is real. If you’re a field marketer trying to get your sales team more face time to nurture leads and close sales, the time between today and the end of the year probably seems…