Conference Marketing

Get the most out of your conference marketing budget. Get tips on how to engage prospects and potential partners, and how to host a successful event at a conference.

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Conference Marketing

Resources for Guest Safety and Security

Planning around your guests’ safety and security is quickly becoming a top priority for event planners. Hackers can exploit everything from WiFi to lax event security, putting you and your event attendees’ data at risk. Although it’s not the most fun part of event planning, it’s crucial for ensuring your event goes off without a…

Conference Marketing

Effective Event Networking Strategies

Event networking can lead to powerful gains for your company through visibility with new and qualified contacts. However, it can be difficult to prepare effective event networking strategies, and it can also be challenging to do that if you’re trying to engage with VIP guests. To help demystify some best practices for event networking, we’re…

Conference Marketing

How To Crush Your Next Conference

When done right, conference marketing can be one of the best ways to build your brand, but if you fail to take advantage of the valuable face time conferences give you they can just be a drain on your budget. By even conservative estimates, space at a conference will run you around $10,000 at minimum,…

Conference Marketing

Get Corporate Groups in your Venue During Conferences

Curating and delivering quality corporate events has been the core mission of Kapow since conception. As we grow, we continue to fine-tune how to harness all facets of corporate event demand. Over the past few years there has been a steady spending increase on events, with one in three CMO’s saying they plan to allocate 21…