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Trevor takes over ATX

Orlando → Austin My last travel update came from the sunshine state where I partied with Mickey Mouse at Disney World. This time I’m headed south as I visit the booming city of Austin, Texas for the first time. As a wannabe rockstar, I had a blast checking out some of the very talented musicians in…


12 Best Venues for Summer Events in Texas

Summer is in full swing and it’s the perfect time to throw a party for your clients and co-workers. And since everything’s bigger in Texas, we figure it’s “go big or go home”. So we made a list of our favorite venues for summer corporate events in Texas. Between outdoor art galleries, patios and driving ranges, we’re ready…


Book the Indy 500 or MotoGP event

If your clients have a need for speed, we have the event for you. Take your clients to the Indy 500 or MotoGP racing event with these VIP packages.

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Around the World in 8 Experiences

Here at Kapow, we know how much you like to treat your clients to unique and classic experiences. If you could, you would take your clients on extravagant trips around the world.

But let’s face it, it’s extremely difficult to get away. From booking a flight, checking your bags and making sure you didn’t forget your passport, it’s hard to get out the door, much less to the airport. Not to mention using up all of those vacation days! With all this tying you down, how are you suppose to globe trot with your clients?


The Best Cocktail Hours Across the Country

Don’t make your clients suffer through any more boring and trite cocktail hours at the same, tired watering holes. Good client entertainment is about creating a unique experience your guests won’t soon forget. Kapow takes the guesswork out of where the current hot spots are and when they’re available with our online booking system. Stop stalling and raise your glass at any of these chic cocktail hot spots.


Austin: The next Silicon Valley

Move over Silicon Valley, there’s another tech hub in town: Austin. While Silicon Valley has, without a doubt, reigned as the tech gold rush destination for the past two decades, it is currently facing a little bit of an identity crisis, leaving ample opportunity for new markets like Austin to become the new tech hot…


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Kapow is coming to Austin, Orange County and downtown NYC

October 1st is right around the corner and once again, Kapow is on the move. We’re opening offices in Austin and Orange County and expanding our presence downtown in New York City. We’d like to take a second to introduce you to a few Kapowers that are leading the charge.  Laura Rufolo has been heading…