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My last travel update came from the sunshine state where I partied with Mickey Mouse at Disney World. This time I’m headed south as I visit the booming city of Austin, Texas for the first time. As a wannabe rockstar, I had a blast checking out some of the very talented musicians in the music capital of the world; not a bad place to go if you’re a fan of live jams. As an even bigger fan of deliciously stuffed street tacos, I can confirm Texas taco trucks are about as satisfying a meal as I’ve ever had!

G’Raj Mahal

graj“Keep Austin Weird”, a motto of sorts for local Austinites, is the perfect three word descriptor for G’Raj Mahal. Of course, this is weird is the best way possible! Located on the infamous Rainey St., this Indian cuisine hotspot is a deck out head to toe with old fashioned bikes, fun chandeliers and comfy dining areas. Complete with an outdoor patio, indoor dining, and “backyard garage” lounge area, this venue is one your guests will be talking about for days. Take a walk through yourself in the virtual 360 tour.

Music capital of the world

Austin is a not only the state Capital of Texas, but also the music capital of the world. So it’s safe to say while in town, I spent a night or two roaming up and down 6th street tuning into some of the finest live jams the city has to offer. By the end of the trip I found myself longing to start a band and hit the road to live the rockstar life. Sadly, I can confirm any shot I had at making the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame has burned out.

Adelbert’s Brewery

Austin has more breweries than the internet has trolls, and one of my favorite breweries is Adelbert’s. The space has a beautiful art gallery with every item available for purchase at a reasonable price. There’s also plenty of space for bar games like giant Jenga. Oh and did I mention they have beer? It’s amazing! For hooking me up with some of the finest beer in Texas, I set them up with a 360 tour

The bat colony

You may be surprised to know that Austin has the largest urban bat colony in North America, reaching up to 1.5 million during peak times in the summer. Unfortunately I was a bit late to the party and most of them had already migrated for the winter season. To make me feel better for missing this wonder, I ate an excessive amount of taco truck tacos.

Pelons Tex Mex

pelons_photo13I needed a break from the Houston heat, but was still craving tacos, so I made sure to stop by my friends at Pelons Tex Mex for some free air conditioning and amazing tacos. As a thank you for cooling me off and filling my belly, I decided to serve them up a 360 tour

Next stop: Houston

I’ve loved my time in Austin so much that I just can’t drag myself home. So next up I’ll be hitting the road and making the short drive east to the fine city of Houston, Texas. I’m also dreading a return to the frigid Chicago winter, so I may just stay in Houston permanently! Stay tuned to find out what surprises my next adventure will hold, and of course be sure to visit Kapow for all of your corporate event needs.


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