Trevor Heads Down to ATL

D.C. → Atlanta

My last trip to D.C. ended up being a chilly one so I decided it was time to fly south for winter and enter hibernation mode. This trip has me staying in the Eastern time zone in Atlanta, Georgia where Falcons fans were still recovering for their teams slip up in the Super Bowl. Fortunately for me, the city was still in good spirits and treated me with their famous southern hospitality. I also had the chance to get a number of 360 tours and even sit down with a couple of our partners to learn a little more about what it’s like to host an event.

Monday Night Brewing

If clevMonday Night Brewinger craft beer names is your thing (and let’s be real, it is), then Monday Night Brewing is the place to have your next corporate event. They feature a lineup of six house beers including Nerd Alert and Slap Fight. It doesn’t get any better than that! Not only did I get a chance to set them up with a 360 virtual tour, but I was also able to sit down with their events director Carlen for a chat. Listen in on the chat and learn more about the Monday Night Brewing experience

The Olympics

The United States has hosted the Olympics eight times throughout history (four summer games and four winter games). The last summer games to be held in the U.S. took place in Atlanta in 1996. Olympic Centennial Park was built to help serve as a central gathering location for spectators, and still today hosts millions of visitors each year, like me. The park has a beautiful Olympic ring fountain and a nice view of the city. Located in the heart of downtown Atlanta, it’s a must visit while in town.

The Blind Pig Parlour Bar

Blind PigIt was time to mix things up and get out to experience Atlanta nightlife. Of course I had to stop by my friends at The Blind Pig Parlour Bar for some live music and delicious eats. The space has a very vintage blues vibe thanks to the decor, which comes from all over Atlanta. You can walk through the space in a virtual 360 tour and learn more about the venue by watching my interview with Bartender Jordan.

College Football HOF

Though my college (UIC) doesn’t have a football team, I’m still a big fan of the sport and couldn’t make a trip to Atlanta without visiting the newly relocated College Football Hall of Fame. The museum features tons of memorabilia from historic moments of both the recent and distant past. I also had a chance to put my skills to the test on their indoor field, and let’s just say, you won’t be seeing me in an NFL uniform anytime soon!


OMODAf course no trip can ever be complete without an educational photoshoot. So for this I stopped by the Museum of Design Atlanta, MODA. Of all the museums I’ve visited, and trust me there have been a lot, this has to be the most unique. They feature a different theme every six months to showcase a piece of design that has the ability to change the world. The current feature is all about efficiently growing healthy food in our homes. You can walk through the museum with our 360 tour, but this is one place you truly need to experience in person. And lucky for you, you can book a MODA experience through Kapow.

Next Stop: Philadelphia

I’ve been loving life out east and I’m not quite ready to head back home to Chicago. So up next, I’ll be heading to Philadelphia for some more 360 tours. Be sure to check back to discover the Philly hot spots and follow along while I go on a cheesesteak tasting tour. It’s going to be delicious! In the meantime, be sure to visit Kapow.com for all of your event needs.


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