Unleash Your Inner Adrenaline Junkie with an Action-Packed Event

Are you restless and bored? Eager to escape the daily grind? Craving a thrill-packed adventure? If so, you and your adrenaline junkie cohorts might want to think beyond the standard cocktail reception for your next event.

The good news? You’ll find plenty of heart-pounding events that, unlike robbing a bank or walking a tightrope across the Grand Canyon, are guaranteed to leave you in one piece.

Look to the sky

Take your next event to new heights while impressing clients with a helicopter ride over Austin. Austin Helicopter Tours will treat guests to picturesque views of downtown, The University of Texas Darrel K. Royal Stadium and the Capitol building while heading out toward Lake Austin and Zilker Park.

Or jump in with a skydiving experience, sans the airplane, with iFLY in Orlando. Guests take to the air in an indoor vertical wind tunnel; iFLY even provides the jumpsuits, goggles and helmets.

Put the pedal to the metal

When it comes to on-the-ground adventures, it’s hard to beat car racing. Satisfy your need for speed with a race car driving experience at LA Racing in Los Angeles. In addition to on-track racing, guests will enjoy a hilarious blindfold driving activity and an exciting pit stop challenge.

For special clients, elevate the racing adventure with exotic cars. Racing Adventures in Houston puts racers behind the wheel of an Aston Martin, Porsche, Lamborghini or other luxury high-performance automobile.

Or think beyond the automobile: Challenge your coworkers or clients to a fun and competitive go-kart race. Fast Lap is Vegas’ go-to indoor facility for gas-powered go-kart racing.

Plan your escape

Tick, tock—can you beat the clock? Few things set the heart racing like a locked room with seemingly no way out. Test your employees’ collaboration skills with an escape room adventure at Denver’s Room 5280. Guests will have 60 minutes to solve brain teasers that are key to their escape.

Or bring the escape room to the Chicago location of your choosing with D.O.A. Unlocked. Engage on a new level in an attempt to “survive the Titanic”, racing against a clock to solve puzzles, riddles and clues.

Ready, aim, fire

If you’re entertaining gun enthusiasts, look no further than the shooting range. With state-of-the-art simulators and an assortment of incredible guns, shooting practice at Tempe’s C2 Tactical shooting range will please all the adrenaline junkies on your guest list.

Or consider an ultimate gun experience at Stoddard’s Gun and Range in Atlanta. Known for its high-end appeal, the indoor gun range gives clients the opportunity to shoot a diverse caliber of firearms, including an FN Scar, AK 47 and AR/M4.

If your preferences run more toward bows and arrows, Next Step Archery offers an action-packed archery party in Seattle. Guests will learn the ins and outs of archery before taking aim at the target and competing in exciting games.

To find other exhilarating adventures near your city, check out Kapow’s full offering of group activities. Or contact our event experts, who will help you find the perfect fit for you!


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