Leave your clients LOL’ing on April Fools’ Day

Verified by Kapow and scientists alike, it’s proven that laughter is the best medicine. Whether with managers, co-workers or customers, a good communal chuckle stimulates conversation and eliminates those nerves that are holding you back from completing the big sale. So, as April Fools’ Day approaches, don’t stress about finding the perfect, one-of-a-kind joke, but leave the comedy to Kapow.

We’ve teamed up with some real “funny guys” across the country to make booking a HILARIOUS event as easy as when the chicken crossed the road….er…well, you get it. Check out our list of comedic winners below and pull the trigger on hosting a client event that will get people talking—after they’re finished laughing that is.

Improv Asylum

ImprovMaking a stir in Boston for almost 20 years, Improv Asylum is the go-to destination for witty performances worthy of television primetime. Starting with a private cocktail reception, this event allows for you to log some much needed face time with your clients before heading into the theatre for a performance that will keep you top of mind for weeks. Don’t get too comfy….you never know when the performers will need some assistance from the audience.

Brave New Workshop

For some accredited midwestern comedy look no further than Brave New Workshop Comedy Theatre!  A Twin Cities veteran, this downtown hangout’s talents haven’t diminished with age; on the the contrary they have only improved. After cocktails and hors d’oeuvres, guests will enjoy a stellar performance from the best seats in the house. Hold on to your questions for the end; everyone will get the rare opportunity to ask the performers about the ins and outs of improv after the show ends.

BATSU! Chicago and New York

BatsuChicagoWhether you’re in the Windy City or the City that Never Sleeps, don’t make the mistake of missing out on BATSU! Inspired by Japanese game shows, BATSU! is a truly unique performance that will make even the most apprehensive attendee forget about the delicious sushi and focus solely on the slapstick humor. Impressed by comedic tricks that run the gamut, guests will be texting their family and friends about their evening before they even exit the venue.

Improv Comedy Club

Signature cocktails, gourmet burgers, Orange County’s funniest inhabitants…we’re sold! Casual yet creative, this event fuses the cherished flavors of Umami Burger and the timeless performances of Improv Comedy Club for a lively evening filled with post-work relaxation and gut-busting laughter. More than familiar with the biggest names on the circuit, Improv Comedy Club has had visits from Jerry Seinfeld, Amy Schumer and Kevin Hart.

Ready to turn up the laugh track on your next client event? Book one of the experiences above or reach out to the experts at Kapow for some assistance with planning a similar night out in your preferred market.


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