Host a creative event on a Friday

It’s no secret that most—if not all—employees love Friday. Society didn’t coin the phrase “TGIF” for nothing! The Instagram tag #Friyay, in fact, has 3,511,279 posts. In comparison, #Monyay and #Tuesyay trailing far behind at 12,573 and 2,514, respectively.

This spring and summer, help your clients and teams channel that excitement and celebrate the past week’s business successes by treating them to one of the below Kapow experiences. They’ll no doubt thank you for it—they might even tag you in their own #Friyay post!

Make your own pasta

Take—and make—lunch outside of the office. Head to New York City’s Little Italy gem, Aunt Jakes, to learn how to craft specialty pasta. The chow down on your delicious creations.

Create something unique

Encourage guests to explore their creative side—and bring home something to remind them of your event—at CraftJam in New York City, which offers custom leather clutch making, design your own mug lessons and the option to create your own body scrubs.

Get pampered before a night out

Let your clients or employees get ready for a fun Friday night during your event! Rouge New York will get everyone looking great for the weekend with their makeup tutorial. Plus, guests can create their own lipstick to take home.

Mix up a drink

Explore everyone’s love of cocktails at Aqua Vitae Institute, Philadelphia’s premiere location for learning how to whip up a delicious drink. Guests will love the opportunity to take this mixology class so they can learn to mix cocktails for guests at their own party or gathering.

Sip Russian infused vodka

Miami groups can get the lowdown on Russian Infused Vodka at Miami newcomer, Kandinsky Restaurant & Lounge. They’ll then have a chance to show their stuff in a cocktail mix-off competition.

Test your curling skills

Host a chill event that’s totally unique, and sure to get people in the door. Atlanta event hosts can treat their attendees to a game of curling—the world’s oldest team sport.

Paint a masterpiece

If you’re looking for something in Atlanta that’s not on ice, check out Art & Beyond in Alpharetta. Guests can paint a masterpiece with help from the experts, which they can take with them to hang in their office or at home.

Go skeet shooting

Boston groups can really loosen up and shake the stress of the week by skeet shooting at the historic Maynard Rod & Gun Club.

Tour a winery

A private winery tour and wine tasting at RdV vineyards is sure to wow the Washington, D.C. crowd. Even better, your guests will all get to take home a free bottle of wine to commemorate the experience. 

Put the pedal to the metal

Rounding out our options, GoKart racing at Orlando Kart Center will send everyone speeding (and smiling!) into the weekend.

If you host any of the events above, make sure to let us know! Tag @KapowEvents on Twitter or Instagram, and be sure to have a fun #Friyay!


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