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If your daydream destinations or bucket list vacations are anything like mine, you imagine yourself marveling at the Taj Mahal, trekking to Machu Picchu or going on safari in Africa. I’m sure someday I’ll make it to see the northern lights or swim in the turtles in the Galapagos Islands, but for now I’ve decided to appreciate and experience what is right around me. This means heading to more museums, checking out a neighborhood I’ve never explored and trying some classic dishes to taste the local flavors. So if you’re entertaining out-of-town guests, here are some of my favorite Kapow experiences that allow you to have fun while being a tourist in your own town.


Chicago Food Planet: The World’s Fare Neighborhood Food & Beverage Tour – Walk the Wicker Park/Bucktown neighborhood with an expert neighborhood guide and sample signature drinks and bites at popular Chicago restaurants.

Shoreline Sightseeing – Classic Lake Tour – With the winter weather turning into spring, it’s the perfect time to take an architecture tour on the Chicago River and along Lake Michigan. Your guests will get to see the iconic Chicago skyline and you can bask in the sun on your luxury cruise.

LousLou Malnati’s – Deep Dish Pizza Making – Nothing says “Chicago” quite like deep dish pizza, and this interactive experience will teach you how Lous perfects their signature pie! Best of all, you get to enjoy tons of great pizza.

Smith & Wollensky – Steak Dinner from the Dry-Aging Room – Not only can you get a taste of the Windy City with delicious dry-aged steak, but you can take in the views of the beautiful Chicago River.

cityHUNT – Photo Scavenger Hunt – Head to Millennium Park where teams will compete in a series of clues, challenges and picture/video tasks using technology. This is the perfect way to bond with your group, have fun and discover your city in a whole new way.

New York

Museum Hack – Hack the Met – This experience, tailored specifically to your group’s field and values, is a scavenger hunt and tour through the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Whether your group is looking for a team-building activity or just a reason to soak in some of New York’s culture, it’s a must do.

Graff toursGraff Tours – Street Art Tour and Graffiti Workshop – If a museum isn’t your speed, Graff Tours art tour and graffiti workshop is a great way to appreciate local art. This tour focuses on the history of graffiti either on the Lower East Side or in Bushwick. After the tour, your group gets to create your own graffiti mural.

Le Cirque – 3-course dinner – Famous for its bold and lively decor and contemporary French cuisine, all New Yorkers are familiar with Le Cirque, located inside the distinguished Bloomberg Building.


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