Events That are Great for Brand Exposure

Events are a great way to get valuable face time with your clients. They create a forum for networking, building lasting business relationships and establishing trust. When planning an event, it’s important to focus on making your event—and your brand—memorable. You are, after all, hosting the event to gain exposure for your brand.

Here are some of Kapow’s top picks for events that are great for brand exposure. Not only are these events memorable, they allow you to highlight your brand in a unique way and help ensure return on investment by keeping you top of mind.

On-site branding

One of the best ways to get your brand in front of your guests is to have it on display at your event. And lucky for you, there are tons of creative ways to display your brand with minimal effort. 

For instance, one great way to get your brand to stick in someone’s head is to make them repeat it…when they’re ordering their drink. Have the bartender create a custom, branded cocktail at the Midtown New York City hotspots The Skylark and Lovage. After ordering a few drinks—and chatting about how great they are—guests will have your brand name ingrained in their heads. And with the upscale atmosphere and unbeatable views, your event is sure to leave a positive impression.

If you’re trying to highlight your CEO or another company leader, make sure his or her face is prominently featured at your event. Upgrade up your next Casino night at Terrace Club by creating custom “funny money” with your CEO’s face on the bills. Guests can also take home custom card decks as a memento of the event. 

While TVs and projector screens are great, Miami venue partner Kandinsky Restaurant & Lounge  takes things up a notch with an LED wall that allows for the host company’s logo to be projected throughout the evening.

Or if you want to really go big, employ New York Fun Factory to theme your entire event and bring a bit of your company’s history and culture to the forefront of it.

Branded takeaways

If you don’t want to or can’t display your company logo at your event, another option is to send guests home with branded swag. But keychains and chip clips are things of the past. We suggest setting aside money in your event budget to send guests home with a customized luxury item they’ll want to use again and again. 

Golf & Body NYC, with their partner True Spec, can offer branded golf goods, including custom, laser-etched wedges and other clubs, custom branded grips and branded golf balls. So not only will guests think of your brand every time they use their golf goods, but they’re likely to appreciate your incredible gift and reward it with their customer loyalty. Golf & Body also allows event hosts to place logos, or custom slideshows / videos on all the televisions and simulators as guests arrive and throughout the duration of the event.

Or, make your next hands-on cooking challenge more memorable by ordering custom aprons for guests to take home after participating in Delmonico’s Iron Chef competition, Sur La Table’s hands-on cook-off challenge or Aunt Jake’s Little Italy Pasta Making. And because these events all include an extra giveaway, guests will have something unique and useful to bring home, in addition to their apron and newfound cooking skills.

Timbuk2, aSan Francisco-based company that created the messenger bag in 1989, offers a variety of fashionable and practical custom bags that allow for logo inclusion for groups of 25 or more guests. Guests can enjoy food and beverages in the store while they create their customized, branded bag. The bonus perk is that the bags take time to craft, meaning you can hand-deliver them once they’re ready to ensure a second meeting with your attendees.

The 3D Printer Experience in Chicago allows guests to create 3D models of a wine bottle, a martini glass and other objects, complete with your company logo. Each guest will walk away with a small 3D-printed, branded souvenir to remember the modern experience by.

If you book the above, your clients will think of your brand whenever they are taking a swing on the golf course with their branded club, toting their Timbuk2 bag on their commute to work, prepping in the kitchen with their custom apron or using their Sur La Table goods. So you’ll always be top of mind. Search these and many other memorable experiences at Kapow.


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