7 Company Party Ideas For Summer

It’s been a long winter, but the sun is starting to show its face. Baseball season is underway, flowers are pushing their way up and tables and chairs are starting to appear on restaurant patios. The signs are all here: it’s time to start thinking of summer party ideas. Because what better way to soak up the warm weather than by rewarding your hard-working team with a company party?

We’re ready for summer, so we rounded up the best summer party ideas that will get you and your co-workers outside and breathing in the fresh air. As you start brainstorming summer party ideas for your corporate group, remind yourself (and your boss) that studies show getting fresh air can improve productivity and reduce illness among employees. And, while we’re all for getting fit outside, some fresh air benefits can just as easily be achieved sipping cocktails on a terrace, enjoying the view from a rooftop or feeling the breeze on a boat.

So check out our list of summer company party ideas below and get inspired to whisk your team into the great outdoors—or the closest beer garden.

1. Boat party

  Summer party ideas_4 Hop aboard a sailboat, dinner cruise or yacht for a summer party that lets your corporate group enjoy the sunshine, cool breezes and a few drinks. A boat party is the great way to make sure everyone gets some face time with each other since there’s no ducking out early or arriving late.

Try this: Boston Entertainment Cruises

2. Baseball outing

If your group is still in the “getting to know each other” phase, it’s nice to have a sporting event to focus on and discuss. And feels more like summer than indulging in hot dogs and cold beers while watching a baseball game. If you want to spice it up, catch the game from a beer garden or rooftop.

Try this: Wrigley rooftop experience or Miami Marlins private suite

3. Wine tasting with a view

Summer party ideasIf you seek a more sophisticated twist, plan a wine tasting or coursed meal with wine pairings. Give it a summery twist by choosing an outdoor setting that features ocean, mountain or lush landscape views. Whether it’s the scenery or the flavor profiles, your group will have plenty to admire and talk about.

Try this: Denver wine tasting with mountain views or Malibu oceanside wine pairings with live music

4. Rooftop cocktails 

If the urban landscape is more your style, opt for rooftop cocktails at a swanky hotel, restaurant or bar. Breathtaking cityscapes are a great way to impress executives, your hard working team members or new clients. Reserving a private rooftop reception can give your company party an “oasis in the big city” feel that has everyone feeling relaxed.

Try this: Washington DC patio party or Chicago rooftop terrace

5. Upscale company picnic 

Company picnics may conjure up images of gingham table cloths and rounds of kickball, but a picnic-style get together can easily go upscale with a charming, rustic setting, beer or wine flights and gourmet food. Opt for a locally grown, farm-to-table menu, invite your guests to dine in a natural setting under a canopy of trees or seek out a truly unique experience with exotic plants or animals.

Try this: Phoenix upscale farm-to-table picnic or Orange County craft beer tasting at exotic animal resort

6. Outdoor concerts and festivals 

Nothing says summer like jamming to live music under the sun with a cold drink in your hand. Gather your team for a company outing at one of the many outdoor festivals around the country. Keep it classy with a sit down brunch before Lollapalooza or impress clients with the VIP treatment at Outsidelands in San Francisco. Whether you’re rocking out to your favorite band or checking out a new act, the memories of a shared summer fest are bound to unify your group for months to come.

Try this: Outsidelands VIP treatment or Lollapalooza pre-party and tickets

7. Golf outing 

No list of corporate party ideas is complete without the most classic of all outdoor deal-making locations: the golf course. Think about the size of your group and their skill level when choosing the golf outing that will best serve your needs. Larger corporate groups would be better served by an experience that allows everyone to get involved and mingle—like a driving range or putting contest—while a more classic golf outing works better for a smaller group.

Try this: Putting contest and cocktail party in Laguna Beach

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