3 Tips for Entertaining Clients at Summer Music Festivals

Though it may seem like many of the big music festivals are flooded with crop-top-sporting, aviator-wearing teens, summer music festivals actually attract a wide variety of people. According to Media Life Magazine, sixteen percent are 18 to 24 years old, 20 percent are 25 to 34, 20 percent are 35 to 44, 20 percent are 45 to 54, 13 percent are 55 to 64 and 11 percent are age 65 or over.

When done right, summer music festivals can be an effective and memorable way to entertain clients. So put on your YOLO tank top and check out these three tips for rocking out with clients in the sun.

Upgrade to VIP

Unless your clients are 20 years old, general admission to Lollapalooza, Firefly or Outside Lands will deal you some hard truths in walking, weather and recreational drugs. Since this is a business outing, you’ll need to spring for a box or VIP access. Sure, you’ll pay a little extra, but the experience will be much more memorable and enjoyable. And that’s why you’re doing this, right? To bond with clients and keep you top of mind.

Summer music festivals

Do some research

It’s hard to find events that will attract—and more importantly impress—several different types of customers. You want the event to have a “cool” factor while keeping things professional. All of this can be accomplished at a festival. It’s not like a country club where everyone needs to know their way around the course and fit in—there is something for everyone. One way to up the “cool factor” is to tune in to a Spotify playlist featuring the bands you plan on seeing. From there, do a little background research to beef up your music knowledge and come up with cool facts to share. Your client will be impressed with your encyclopedic knowledge of their favorite band, and you might event find a new band you like.

Summer music festivals

Have a gameplan

You are probably going to be at this festival for at least three hours. Ever hang out with a client for 3 hours? You need to be “on” for a long time and it’s easy to feel exhausted halfway through a long day in the sun. Clients will be looking to you to lead the way during their VIP event, so the best thing you can do is show up overly prepared. That starts with getting a lay of the land. If you’re rushing in with hundreds of other people, know exactly where you’re headed first. From there, make sure you have a route planned out if you’re planning on moving from stage to stage. It’s also important to know what your VIP package includes. Do you get a golf cart and if so, where does it pick you up? What bands do your clients want to see and is your box set up there? Do you have VIP access to other stages or just the one? Knowing what you’re in for can help you plan for a smooth day.

So there you have it. If you’re looking for an event your client can’t resist, get festival passes or book a VIP experience at a summer music festival. You’re sure to make a big impression and it will keep you top of mind when your customers are looking for help.


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