How to Effectively Use an Experience Add-On

You’re planning the company’s next client or employee event. You know it needs to be memorable and keep guests entertained from start to finish. You need to keep costs down, but don’t want to host a boring in-office party. The typical cocktails and conversation is not going to meet the standards of these semi-brutal attendees. Getting stressed? Don’t. Kapow can come to you!

At the start of 2017, Kapow began offering “experience add-ons” and continues to create more as the year goes on. Experience add-ons are intended to be a component that is added to an existing event. They typically include a mobile activity without food and beverages. Not only do these options provide you the freedom of selecting the host venue (including your own office), but they help you look like an event-planning genius by offering something totally unique.

Creative, flexible and one-of-a-kind, these mobile listings are the perfect way to wow your clients or employees at the next corporate outing—or ining…well, you get the point. To clear up any confusion, we’ve pulled a few tips to keep in mind when booking experience add-ons so you are set up for success and look like a pro.

You’ve found a great mobile offering, but don’t have a venue

  1. Contact Kapow Customer Success – Kapow has more partnerships than we can count and our Customer Success team is happy to help you find a spot to host your event. Chat in via the website or email your go-to Kapower so they can send over some host venues that are sure to impress with the cool mobile add-on.

You’ve booked a venue, but aren’t sure if the mobile add-on will travel

  1. Read through the listing and see what the limitations are. If nothing jumps out at you, submit an inquiry and we’ll get back ASAP with availability.
  2. Once Kapow responds, feel free to shoot any additional questions our way and we’ll make sure everything is answered.
  3. Leading up to the event, we will work with the host venue and yourself to iron out all details.

Need some inspiration? Check out these mobile options from coast to coast

The Murder Mystery Company – National 

A classic form of entertainment that has been around for over a decade, murder mysteries are a perfect way to keep guests interested and on the edge of their seat. This event is perfect for a private dining room or office kitchen.

Pit Crew Challenge in Dallas 

Ever change the tires on a race car in your office? Now you can! Team up and see who can work together to change tires on a real NASCAR vehicle first. Better hurry up, clock’s ticking!

Mobile Grape Stomping in Silicon Valley

You don’t have to travel to Napa to feel the squish of grapes under your feet (yum?). reWINEd Designs will bring the grape stomping to you, so your team can learn the tricks of stomping fresh white wine.

Exit Reality in San Francisco 

Escape the confines of your typical day and enter an alternative universe without leaving the parking lot. Trendy and high-tech, there are no limits to where guests will go.

D.O.A Unlocked in Chicago 

Bring the sinking Titanic to your conference room or office and put employees to the ultimate team-building test.

NYFF Events in NYC 

From DJ’s and photo booths to classic decor, NYFF is the perfect vendor to add some fun and flare to your cocktail reception or coursed dinner.

Mobile Golf Academy in Orlando

Hit the links or sit by the fire pit and unwind with an all-inclusive escape at the Mobile Golf Academy that can set-up right outside your door!

Not sure we have what you are looking for? Chat in and we’ll do some research to locate the perfect addition to your next client or employee experience.


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