5 Kapow Tools you May Not Know About

Here at Kapow, we’ve created a number of products and tools to help simplify the process of planning and managing events. And while there are some tools—like our customizable invitations, RSVP platform and search filters—that you may be familiar with, there are some lesser-known products that could be hugely beneficial to you. We want to share the tools that might be flying under the radar, so you can use them to quickly plan unique events while looking like a rock star in front of your boss, guests and colleagues.

Find unique events with Future Event Ideas

If you’re someone who often hosts events for the same crew, it can be a challenge to constantly find new and unique ideas. But we have a team of event experts that will do the work for you! Once you set up a Kapow Account, you’ll have access to our Future Event Ideas tool. With this tool, you can enter the information you have—location, group size, budget, date options, event purpose, what type of event you’re interested in doing (cocktail, sports, interactive, etc.) or any other specifics that you’re looking for. Once you hit “REQUEST IDEAS”, one of our event experts will start looking for events and they’ll come back with a few suggestions.

Search using our Map View feature

Guests are more likely to attend your event if they don’t have to travel more than 10 minutes. When searching for the perfect event on Kapow’s site, you have the option to switch over to our Map View, which allows you to find venues near your or your client’s office. This feature is also helpful if you’re attending a conference and need to book an event near the convention center, or if you’re entertaining out of town guests and want to choose a venue near your client’s hotel. You can also use the tool to find book an event that’s near public transportation. Just click on the “Map View” icon on the lefthand side of the city listing page, right above the search filters. 

Skip multiple rounds of budget approvals with Kapow Retainers

If you frequently book events and waste precious time getting your budget approved with each booking, Kapow Retainers may be useful for you. You can now park money within your Kapow Account to use on future events. So if your company allows it, you can set aside money for your events and avoid continually getting your event budget approved. For Kapow Professional clients, your dedicated Account Manager can help manage your event budget with event recommendations and yearly planning.

Gather attendee data with our check-in platform

Every part of the event planning process is moving online. So it’s time to ditch the highlighter and paper, and start checking people in online. Kapow’s digital check-in tool allows you to easily check guests in on your laptop or cell phone. The guest list will automatically populate from our invitations and RSVP platform, and it can be accessed by multiple users at once, so you can have a greeter at each event entrance. After the event, you can see who came when, and the attendee data will push from the RSVP and check-in tools into a post-event report.

Track ROI with post-event data collection

Kapow’s free event tools offer multiple ways for you to collect data after your event. One way for you to gather insights about your event is to send post-event surveys from your Kapow Account. In a few clicks, you can customize and send pre-built surveys asking guest for feedback about the effectiveness of your event. Check out these best practices for creating post-event surveys here.

You can also track event ROI by integrating data from Kapow’s tools with your CRM. Read more about how to set up a campaign in your CRM, tie invitees and attendees to the campaign, and track engagement and opportunities post-event. We also put together a round-up of the best event tools for tracking engagement.

Now that you’re armed with our favorite event tools, start searching for the perfect event on Kapow’s event marketplace or contact us for event suggestions or questions. 


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