2017 Corporate Event Trends: A Statistical Guide

Throughout the last few months, we’ve given you a lot of information. How to create the perfect invite list, how to pick the perfect event venue when you can’t be in attendance and how to crush your event check-in, just to name a few. To compliment our event production tips and ROI tricks, we’ve got just the thing for you: cold, hard data about 2017 corporate event trends. Last year, Kapow helped field marketers produce 2,000 events in 250+ cities, giving us some great insight into what industry event trends are best for increasing attendance and building pipeline. So, if you’re stuck wondering what 2017 corporate event trends you should put into action, look no further.

When were events booked, and what were they?

On average, field marketers who booked with Kapow booked their events 27 days in advance. This includes:

 In 2017, 11% of events were multi-event roadshows —a substantial increase from 2016. Kapow’s national partnerships and streamlined technology make multi-event production stress free, consistent and scalable.   

  • 72% of booked events were used for pipeline building. Top pipeline building event categories include client entertainment, sales incentives and conferences
  • The remaining 28% of events fell in the employee engagement category. These include team-building events, holiday parties and employee appreciation recptions

The full breakdown of events purchased by field marketers is as follows:

  • 20% hands-on food and cocktail demos
  • 18% catered shopping experiences
  • 17% interactive group activities
  • 15% private group dining experiences
  • 13% cocktail receptions
  • 9% music and sports suites and packages
  • 6% private movie pre-screenings

In 2017, Kapow signed more than 225 new partners, bringing the event count to over 2,000 events in 10,000 locations across America.

How many people attended events, and when were they hosted?

Of the Kapow events hosted in 2017, the majority were hosted in the middle of the week.

  • 7% of events were held on Monday
  • 19% of events were held on Monday
  • 24% of events were held on Tuesday
  • 35% of events were held on Wednesday
  • 11% of events were held on Friday
  • 4% of events were held on Saturday and Sunday

Out of all these events:

  • 64% started between 5:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m.
  • 83% lasted 2 to 3 hours

General event attendance was as follows:

  • Anywhere from 4 to 1,000 attendees
  • Average attendance was 39 individuals

The attendance breakdown by event type included:

  • Hands-on food and cocktail demos – 24
  • Catered shopping experiences – 25
  • Interactive group activities – 33
  • Private group dining experiences – 34
  • Cocktail receptions – 58
  • Music and sports suites and packages – 18
  • Private movie pre-screenings – 132

On average, these events cost field marketers:

  • $149/person (general average)
  • $250/person (Sport and entertainment events)
  • $244/person (Retail events)
  • $105/person (Activity events)

Now that your finger is on the pulse of 2017 corporate event trends, it’s time to use these trends to gain valuable face time with your partners, prospects and teams. Visit the Kapow platform to find hundreds of easy-to-book options and groundbreaking production technology that make event planning stress free. 


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