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How to Effectively Use an Experience Add-On

You’re planning the company’s next client or employee event. You know it needs to be memorable and keep guests entertained from start to finish. You need to keep costs down, but don’t want to host a boring in-office party. The typical cocktails and conversation is not going to meet the standards of these semi-brutal attendees.…

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Event Tips

5 Reasons You Should Host A Lunch Meeting

Like most other people who work in corporate America today, you probably don’t give much thought to the weekday lunch. Whether it involves a walk to the employee cafeteria, a quick visit to a drive-thru window or a trip to the office fridge, the mid-day repast is typically just a quick fuel-up to get through…

Event Spotlights

Blues, brews and BBQ

The perfect companion to summer heat and a cold craft beer, it’s no secret that blues is one of America’s favorite genres of summertime music. Originating in the Deep South in the late 1800’s and slowly permeating across the country, the smooth chords and soulful lyrics melt away those workplace woes and get listeners swaying with relaxation…

Event Tips

Measuring event success part 4: best practices for post-event surveys

When it comes to events, tracking ROI can be quite challenging. And though there are a number of ways to measure event success by looking at attendee data, qualitative data can be just as effective to ensuring success at future events. One of the best ways to get feedback from attendees, is to—wait for it—actually…

Event Tips

Finding the right event based on your event goal

You need to plan an event, but your head is spinning from the what appears to be an overabundance of choices. No need to stress out. You can narrow down the choices considerably based on the primary purpose of your event. Make networking effortless If the main reason for your event is networking, you’ll want…


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Event Tips

Measuring Event Success Part 3: Setting Event Goals

In order to make a case for throwing events, you need to be able to prove that the event is adding value to the business and converting prospects and customers. As we recently discussed, measuring event success starts with setting event goals. Without this first step, understanding the impact of your event becomes a nebulous…

Food and Drink

Upgrade your Corporate Pizza Party

Who doesn’t love a hot, gooey pizza? Almost no one. It should come as no surprise, then, that the savory pie accounts for more than 10 percent of all foodservice sales. Part of pizza’s popularity can be attributed to its many possible incarnations. Crust styles run the gamut from ultra-thin to deep dish; sauces range…


Unique Corporate Events in New Orleans

To better serve our customers, and to add a little cajun flair to our site, Kapow has launched our newest market—New Orleans. Home to cajun and creole food, jazz music and the ultimate Mardi Gras celebration, this historic city has tons of great venues for corporate entertaining. Here, we’ll highlight a few of our favorite new experiences.…

Event Tips

Measuring Event Success Part 2: The Best Event Planning and Tracking Tools

We recently walked through various ways to measure event success and determine event goals. In doing so, we mentioned several tools that we use at Kapow to help track and evaluate event data. Here, we’ll go over those tools in detail to show how you can use them to help measure event ROI and better track your clients, prospects and pipeline. Salesforce We start by creating a campaign in Salesforce and attaching all guests, emails, communications and opportunities to that campaign. It’s important to expand the campaign beyond the day of the event. The effects of your event might not be fully…