The Best Venues For Your NFL Watch Party

Football season is upon us, and for the canny events organizer, a Sunday afternoon or Monday night football game can be a great way to tap into your colleagues’ interests and build some team camaraderie. If tailgating’s not your thing—or you happen to inhabit a part of the country that doesn’t get nice weather year…

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Tips for 2018 Yearly Planning

The holidays are approaching and the last events of the year are wrapping up. Although some are looking ahead to their time off, you’ve just been handed your 2018 budget and are knee-deep in 2018 planning. While a new budget provides a number of opportunities for face time with clients and prospects, it can also…


Finish Out 2017 Strong With a Client Event

With Thanksgiving fast approaching and the end-of-year holidays occurring not long after that, the struggle to maintain your momentum through 2017 is real. If you’re a field marketer trying to get your sales team more face time to nurture leads and close sales, the time between today and the end of the year probably seems…

Event Tips

How Events Build Business

Technology enables us to work faster, get more done and digitally connect with people all over the world. It’s hard to imagine a work environment without screens, and still the fact remains that real business relationships are built face to face. Studies tell us that requests made in person are more effective than emails, phone…


Planning an event in 30 days or less

What can you execute before the end of the year to have an immediate impact? Isn’t this every marketer’s favorite question? There are the typical answers of testing an advertising campaign, burning through design hours or restocking the tchotchke closet. However, events can (and should) be the immediate answer. Events provide two crucial opportunities for…


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Food and Drink

Enhance Your Client Appreciation Event With A Boozy Takeaway

As the days grow shorter and the nights get colder, you may struggle to find an event that gets prospective and current clients away from their couches and Netflix queue. You’ve probably surmised that we’re leading you towards a winter cocktail reception—free drinks, some appetizers to nosh on and good company will go a long…


Host your Office Holiday Party at Dave & Buster’s

After a successful office Halloween party, you’re looking ahead to the next big thing: the office holiday party. Coordinating a holiday party can be a logistical nightmare for even the most stalwart veteran of corporate events. What’s the right venue? Should you have it before or after the traditional holiday season? Are any venues still…


Host a Blowout Event with Kapow Platinum

Kapow is dedicated to being the single provider for all your event needs; and we’re continually expanding our offering to ensure those needs are met. So we are very excited to introduce Kapow Platinum—our offering for fully customizable, large-scale events. Kapow Platinum experiences are built to meet your exact needs. You and your Kapow rep will…

Event Tips

How Team Building Leads to a Better Culture

Team building gets a bad rep. It calls to mind images of forced social interaction, overzealous bosses and “mandatory fun.” With such negative associations, it’s little wonder that most individuals would rather just get the day off. However, this is largely unearned and not necessarily the fault of team-building events themselves, but rather their implementation. If you’re looking for some suggestions on how to host a successful team-building event, we’ve got you covered. As Brian Scrudamore says in Forbes, a common pitfall that a lot of unsuccessful team building activities fall into is that they attempt to frontload leadership or…