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Leave your clients LOL’ing on April Fools’ Day

Verified by Kapow and scientists alike, it’s proven that laughter is the best medicine. Whether with managers, co-workers or customers, a good communal chuckle stimulates conversation and eliminates those nerves that are holding you back from completing the big sale. So, as April Fools’ Day approaches, don’t stress about finding the perfect, one-of-a-kind joke, but…

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The Best Corporate Events in Wicker Park

We’ve already walked you through the best places for a post-work drink in the loop, so now we’re moving on to a different neighborhood. The event experts in Kapow are really into the Wicker Park/Bucktown area. It’s young, it’s hip and there’s no shortage of great restaurants, bars and fun shops. And although the neighborhood…

Venue Tips

The Importance of a Good Food Shot

At some point in time, we’ve all been there. We’re staring at a menu with an empty stomach trying to decide what to order and end up basing our decision on what looks best. A catchy name might grab your attention or maybe you trust the server’s recommendations, but the juicy photo is what seals the…


Why You Should Host Clients at a Golf Tournament

Golf has always be an integral part of building business relationships. The four hours spent on a course—where integrity counts as much as your handicap—has made and broken relationships. Want to participate but don’t know the difference between an eagle and a birdie? Hosting your clients and prospects at a pro tournament is the perfect solution.…

New York City

Spotlight on Addison Hospitality Group

At Kapow, we love our venue partners and we like to show them some love. And when a partner has three killer venues, we like to show triple the love. So check out our featured partner, Addison Hospitality Group. The group’s philosophy is simple, pair impeccable service and hospitality with innovative and current design. And…


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St. Patrick’s Day Party Ideas

Last week, we focused on Mardi Gras as a theme for your next corporate event. This week we’re picking another great holiday full of celebrations – St. Patrick’s Day.


Take your clients to the Masters

Impress your clients with these unforgettable experiences. Book a seven-day experience or take a day trip to the Masters.

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Explore your Own City

If your daydream destinations or bucket list vacations are anything like mine, you imagine yourself marveling at the Taj Mahal, trekking to Machu Picchu or going on safari in Africa. I’m sure someday I’ll make it to see the northern lights or swim in the turtles in the Galapagos Islands, but for now I’ve decided…


Trevor hits up Houston

Austin → Houston Last time on Trevor Tracker, I was living off street tacos and trying to join a rock band in Austin. I picked up a couple extra pounds and didn’t make it to stage, so all things considered I’d say it was a successful visit! I also did just a teeny-tiny amount of work getting 360 tours. Now it’s time to jump on I-10 and cruise on over to Houston! Stadium tour continues For months I’ve been making a point to visit a baseball stadium in every city I visit. I was able to see the Cubs, White…