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Incorporate Event Data into your CRM with Kapow’s Invitations Platform

When you’re booking an event for client entertainment, you have three primary “jobs” to accomplish: You need to get the right people to your event You need to ensure your event is successful You need to measure the results of your event If you’ve booked an event at one of the venues in the Kapow…

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Around Town

Make your Event Memorable with Hands-on Cooking Classes

If summer is the time to get outside and enjoy patios and icy drinks, then winter is the time to stay cozy inside by stony hearths (or ovens) and indulge in homemade cooking. Fortunately, there are dozens of experiences and activities designed for just that—and some that take it a step further. When you book…


Trevor Heads to Disney World

Dallas → Orlando I traded in my cowboy hat for a cowboy toy (shoutout to Sheriff Woody of Toy Story), and made the trek from Dallas to Orlando to hangout with some of my favorite Disney characters. Despite what anyone might tell you, breakfast with Mickey Mouse and his pals is just as exciting at…

Food and Drink

2017 Food and Beverage Trends

In order to increase event attendance, it’s essential to plan events that are new, exciting and relevant. Stay ahead of the game by checking out the food and beverage trends of 2017. Then book a trendy new event that your guests won’t want to miss. Here’s what to expect in 2017: Vegetarian comfort food Meat-heavy…


Why This Works: The Super Bowl Rolling Stone Party

A weekend of VIP parties and celebrity appearances, the 2017 Super Bowl is an experience that shouldn’t be missed! But just because you’ve purchased the coveted game-day tickets doesn’t mean your planning stops there. The only way to keep your guests talking for months and years to come is with the addition of the Super…


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Trevor takes on Dallas

Minneapolis → Dallas Going from Minneapolis to Dallas can feel like going to another planet due to the change in temperature, but believe it or not, they’re in the same time zone. Fortunately for me this meant little to no jet lag, and plenty of energy to explore the fine city of Dallas, Texas. Everyone…


Treat Clients to Private Showings of Oscar-Bait Movies

Private movie screenings are a great way to entertain a large group without breaking the bank. And, if you’re anything like us, you try to see as many of the rumored award-worthy contenders before the awards shows. While there are lots of good reasons to book a movie pre-screening for your next corporate event, knowing that your guests…

Around Town

Events for Health-Conscious Clients

It’s that time again—time to make your New Year’s resolutions. After weeks of holiday meals, cookies and cocktails, we’re ready to get back in shape. And according to a Nielsen study, staying fit and healthy is the most common New Year’s resolution. Events are a powerful way to gain much needed face time with clients…


The Kapow Spelling Bee

While strolling down the garland-lined hallways, and standing in line to reheat their peppermint mochas, a few lucky Kapow employees were selected for the ultimate spelling bee. Although the test was a breeze for our seasoned event planners, it wasn’t a walk in the park for those more familiar with number crunching and code writing than menus and BEOs. We pulled terms from a variety of Kapow experiences, with a focus on tricky terms that would normally force our guinea pigs to rely on automatic spellcheck -- think the red squiggly underline. We didn’t hold back on our tech and…